When sharing a UEQ profile, your role is to be a curious ally. This dialogue is a conversation 'starter'.

EQ Success Factors

Effectiveness: Capacity to generate results

Relationships: Capacity to build and maintain networks

Wellbeing: Capacity to maintain optimal energy and functioning

Quality of Life: Capacity to find satisfaction in a life well lived


Part 1: Why EQ?

This section (Life Success and Now) is designed to help someone consider that EQ is something valuable.

Mention: the UEQ profile consists of feedback about your current life outcomes and your current EQ capabilities.  This part is about how you see your life right now

Q1 – how accurate is the summary (under Now) and what do you think about it?

Q2 – if you were going to set a goal for working on these aspects of life, what might you choose?

Part 2: KCG

Show them the video below as Josh explains KCG.

You want the person to be motivated toward action and to become aware of the three parts of the process.

Mention: this section tells you something about your current emotional intelligence and where your relative strengths are today.

Q1 – what do you notice about this section?

Q2 – How balanced do you think you are in these three areas – KCG? What effect does that have?

Part 3: Unlocking EQ

This part should help them with specific ideas of what to do or practise to put EQ into action.

Mention: this final section offers three specific action steps for you to consider.

Q1 – do any of these tips seem useful in terms of the goal you set at the top?

Q2 – do you want to take any of these or other actions to use your EQ in new ways?

Tips for Wrapping Up your Debriefing

  • Consider asking the participant to share any insights from the conversation and what their biggest takeaway is
  • Introduce a few questions for the client to reflect upon – use Suggested Questions
Play Video

Next steps

  1. Send them the UEQ Action Reflection document below to assist them as they work towards their goal
  2. If they seem interested in moving beyond the UEQ to more advanced certifications, share this URL – www.6seconds.org/certification

Suggested Extension Questions

Part 1

  • As you read this, what do you think and feel about what it’s telling you?
  • What’s holding you back?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how important is this/are each of these goals for you?

Part 2

  • What part of these comments ring true to you? How does that show itself in your life?
  • How do you see your UEQ profile showing up in your everyday interactions (do you have some specific examples — how do these relate to your goals)?
  • How can you use your strong areas to help you to address other areas?

Part 3

  • Which of these action steps grabs your attention?
  • What is one thing you can do differently from now? How do you think this will help you?
  • What are the challenges of your action steps? How would you overcome these challenges?
Here is a process you can follow to apply
your EQ as you work toward a goal.


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