Are you feeling Derailed? Then it's Time to Get Back On Track!

Blame it on the holidays. Maybe you just got too  busy to think about what you were eating. Perhaps you threw caution — and calorie counts — to the wind during a fancy-free vacation.

Whatever the cause, it happened: you stopped your healthy eating and exercise .  It happens to all of us at one time or another. The important thing is to stop beating yourself up and jump right back into your goal to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Get yourself back on track and retake control by:

  • Forgiving Yourself
    We’re really fast at acknowledging our shortcomings, but much less at celebrating our successes.
    So don’t be hard on yourself and just look at what you’ve accomplished, no matter how small it may look!
  • Recommitting
    Commitment is very important. It means that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get to where you want to go. Remember to enlist support as studies prove it’s much easier to lose weight within a group rather than on your own.
  • Resetting your Goals
    Give yourself one to three short-term goals that you believe you can accomplish within the next month.
  • Tracking Everything
    Resolve to keep track of eating, drinking,  and physical activity for the whole week including the weekend.
  • Changing One Thing
    Make one change at a time.  Don’t try to make too many changes as it is not realistic.
  • Setting Yourself up for Success
    Plan your meals in advance, making sure you have all the healthy foods you need at home.
  • Planning for exercise
    An effective weight loss program incorporates both healthy eating and exercise.  Have you thought about what type of exercise you might enjoy doing? Do you know where it will take place? Or when?

The Bottom Line: we all have times when we feel we can’t focus as well as we normally do. Consider following these tips to get back on track.  Employing just one of these might be all you need to do.

12 ways to get back on track


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