Baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me no more

    To know love is to let go. Letting go is necessary for the universe to continually evolve, for non-attachment is the essence of all growth. Non-attachment is to always live consciously in the moment; to not hold on to the past or to the future that is yet to come. To live in the moment doesn’t mean to not care about the past, but rather to not allow the past to keep us from appreciating the moment at hand. To live in the moment doesn’t mean to not look forward to the future, but rather to not allow the future to outshine the moment that longs to be noticed. To live in the moment is to see everything that comes your way not as obstacles, but as opportunities for reciprocal growth and understanding of Self.


    Non-attachment is to always allow for change, for change is the only constant thing in life. Non-attachment is to unselfishly give of yourself without expecting anything in return. Non-attachment is to always be in love with the moment and what it has in store for us as a new moment unfolds. Our attachment to our Ego — that which keeps our minds stuck in either the past or the future so as to prevent our hearts from experiencing the present moment — is the cause of all suffering. To truly experience love, we must let go and realize that loss is but an Illusion that prevents us from finding our Selves.


    There is no such thing as the past. There is no such thing as the future. There is only the present. There is only this moment, and there will never again be a moment quite like the moment you and I are sharing right now.


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