How Healthy is It?

With a little preparation and inspiration, you can have a healthy, fulfilling, tasty, and inexpensive lunch that will keep you full and focused throughout the afternoon.

Lunch Tips

  • Plan ahead, your lunch doesn’t just happen
  • Think balance – does my lunch include, complex carbohydrate, some lean protein, vegetables and fruit and a small amount of fat?
  • Use any leftovers from a previous meal saves time
  • Prepare cut-up fruit/vegetables ahead of time and leave in a container in the fridge
  • Cook in bulk during the weekend for the week ahead
  • Eat a healthy breakfast and mid morning snack to avoid overeating at lunch
  • A healthy salad can be a satisfying lunch
  • Soups are also a great option – click Delicious Soups and check out these great recipes
  • Eat your lunch mindfully –
    • Slow down your eating
    • Choose foods that take a long time to eat
    • Try not to eat on the run
    • Focus on your lunch
    • Don’t be distracted by work, TV or a book
    • Enjoy and savour the taste of your delicious food

Check out the video below for some tasty lunch recipes

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How Healthy is Your Salad?

Build a Healthier Salad by adding:

Grains – Try whole wheat couscous, barley, quinoa, bulgur or wild rice.  Whole wheat pasta is another great way to bulk up any basic salad.

Proteins – Add more satisfaction to your salad with skinless poultry like grilled chicken breast or fish like salmon and tuna which provides Omega-3 fatty acids. Mix in a chopped hard-boiled egg, a small amount of cheese, chickpeas, kidney beans, and assorted unsalted nuts to give your salad extra crunch.

Veggies – Raw  carrots, cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflower add great crunch and colour. Roasted veggies like beets, potatoes, and squash add terrific flavour and a little bit of sweetness to any main meal salad.

Greens – Choose dark, leafy greens like romaine, spinach or arugula. Add colour with radicchio, red leaf lettuce or red cabbage. If you have fresh herbs like basil, thyme, oregano or mint, they add zest and extra nutrients to your salad bowl.

Fruit – Pairing sweet fresh fruit like pear, apple or pomegranate with savoury vinaigrettes will bring added flavour to any salad. Dried fruit are another super salad ingredient.

Fats – add avocados and different types of seeds for more variety and balance.

Dressings – with oil, vinegar and spices in your pantry you can make a simple, healthy homemade vinaigrette dressing by jazzing it up with tasty ingredients like chopped fresh herbs, citrus juice, and diced onions and garlic.

Check out these healthy lunch ideas


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