Anything is possible when you have the right support!

Losing weight is hard. Finding support for your weight-loss efforts can mean the difference between success and failure.  Start to think about the kind of support you need and then consider who maybe able to give it to you.

Emotional:  People who can listen when you need someone to talk to, encourage you to keep going when you’re feeling frustrated, and celebrate your successes.

Practical:  People to exercise and/or shop for healthy foods with, swap cooking ideas and recipes with.

Information:  Sources for answers about choosing healthy foods, exercising, staying emotionally healthy, and general problem-solving.

The above support can come from the following:

  • Yourself –
    • you are the most important person in your network
    • develop the right attitude – be a problem solver
    • you can be your own biggest cheerleader by patting yourself on the back when you have done well
  • Work – plan in advance how you will cope with the birthday cake, staff lunches – suggest fruit be included in the menu etc.
  • Family and friends – talk to your family and share with them what you need
  • Apps and devices – Fitbit for tracking your food and exercise, MyFitnessPal etc
  • Good Habits – attending a meeting every week

Check out the video below about how this woman received the support she needed.

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Ensure you keep those support networks going by:

  • Stay in touch – ensure you answer messages, phone calls or emails, because support from someone you know can help you stay on track.
  • Be gracious  – remember to thank those who support you.
  • Find a buddy – Find someone who will walk or cook a healthy meal with you. It all helps.
  • Join in – Take advantage of community or neighbourhood events.  Socialising with those around you can be beneficial to your weight loss journey.
Find out ways to overcome lack of support


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