Choose Wisely to have your Cake and Eat it!

Christmas comes once a year and it’s at this time we like to enjoy eating lots of yummy food.

Holiday time is not the time to diet, but it doesn’t mean you should forget all the good habits you’ve learned. Making healthy choices is the secret to maintaining.

Ask yourself:  do you really want to face the new year with all your hard work undone?

Some top tips 

  • Include your Optional Calories in your planning
  • The golden rule is to find a healthy balance
  • Continue to exercise even though it’s Christmas
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Remember food swaps
  • No skipping meals
  • Practise saying ‘no’ without feeling guilty or hurting others’ feelings
  • Visualise yourself eating healthily during the Christmas holidays
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Top Festive Swaps

  1.  Swap a 40g (matchbox size) slice of stilton (164 calories)
    For 40g camembert (116 calories)
    Save 48 calories
    Camembert is also very rich in folic acid and a B vitamin that plays a role in fighting fatigue
  2. Swap 150g (three) roast potatoes (216 calories)
    For 150g swede, carrot and potato mash with a knob of butter (83 calories)
    Save 133 calories
    Mash is generally a lower-calorie choice compared with roast potatoes, especially when you add swede and carrot. The mash is higher in vitamin C too
  3. Swap a handful of roasted, salted peanuts (151 calories)
    For a handful of roasted chestnuts (61 calories)
    Save 90 calories
    All nuts are nutritious but roasted chestnuts are the best option to choose to keep calories down as they’re low fat. You cut down on salt by going for this option too
  4. Swap a slice of Christmas cake (268 calories)
    For a marzipan fruit (60 calories)
    Save 208 calories
    For the same sweetness hit, but far fewer calories, swap a slice of Christmas cake for a marzipan fruit. Made with almonds, marzipan supplies the cell-protective antioxidant vitamin E
  5. Swap two cocktail sausage rolls (70 calories)
    For two cocktail sausages on sticks (42 calories)
    Save 28 calories
    Ditching the pastry means you also reduce calories and saturated fat. And those cocktail sticks on your plate are a visible reminder of how much you’ve eaten, which can act as a brake on your consumption
  6. Swap two level dessertspoons (20g) of brandy butter (122 calories)
    For 20g crème fraîche (77 calories)
    Save 45 calories
    Tangy crème fraîche goes well with rich Christmas pudding, and you save 45 calories compared with brandy butter. That saving increases to 88 calories if you go for half-fat crème fraîche.
  7. Try these Good Habits’ Christmas Recipes
    to reduce and calories and count some of your favourites on the Plan.
The festive food swaps that will save you THOUSANDS of calories


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